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Flying Robots

Flying Robots

Flying Robots develops a range of unmanned aircraft, for many civilian, logistical and humanitarian applications: humanitarian logistics, cargo, sites, borders, coastlines, pipelines monitoring, geothermal, gas detection, etc. Euro Ops is in charge of the hotline 24/7 and of the training of customer demonstrations teams. Euro Ops is the operator of Flying Robots, the manufacturer focusing on R & D and commercialization. The training school is based in Colmar, but our teams can also train abroad, on customers bases. Euro Ops offers rental Flying Robots machines with full team for missions around the world.

Humanitarian logistics

Flying Robots, is a Euro Ops partner specialized in soft wing and high payload UAVS (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Systems) manufacturing. Euro Ops operates these UAS to manage all kind of humanitarian logistics operations. (UAS lease + logistic staff)

  • Intervention team ready to move
  • UAS capable to carry up to 250 kg payload
  • Automatic air shuttle
  • Dropping and/or supplying of goods, medicines, first aid equipments
  • Landing on unprepared ground

Air operations

Euro Ops manages for Flying Robots all the air operations which require its UAS intervention.

  • Flight demonstrations
  • Lease of UAS + logistic team on site worldwide
  • FR 102 experimentation operations for prospects
  • Sensors fitting with the FR 102 on-board computer or the inertial host
  • Real-time or registered data communication with on-board sensors (limit 250kgs, 1m3, 1500watts)
  • Execution of various operations with a pilot on board (in microlight status) in countries which air legislation is restrictive
  • Various possible missions: surveillance and safekeeping, search and rescue, scientific observation, crisis management...

Training centre, consulting and assistance

Flying Robots UAS training centre

This Training Centre for UAS piloting is based on flight mission planning and simulation systems. The 12 days training sessions aim at enabling any candidate for the training course to develop operational competences in UAS piloting and to master key technical knowledge on Flying Robots UAS structure and functioning.

  • Air logistics
  • Operational competences in UAS piloting and management
  • Two-seater microlight piloting
  • FR structure and general functioning mechanism (motor, informatics, radio transmission, weather forecast, navigation, robotics, wing).
  • Flight mechanics
  • Aerology
  • Air traffic and regulation
  • Crisis management
  • Meteorology

Location: France : Colmar or optional : customer’s country

Euro Ops manages Flying Robots technical assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Contact: Tel. +33 389 719 930 -

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